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One glance on Mumbai Replicate ‘MM sexpert column’ column and you are going to make

One glance on Mumbai Replicate ‘MM sexpert column’ column and you are going to make sure that Indians want some critical intercourse training. For individuals who don’t know, this can be a Q&A consultation the place you in finding all the ones strange, humorous, and ridiculous intercourse questions requested via silly other folks and a 90-year-old physician, Dr. Mahinder Watsa, advises them in essentially the most hilarious method ever. Most of the questions appear to be bizarre and made-up too however it’s nonetheless price studying the ones sharp and witty responses from the outdated guy. You’ve to learn this compilation to consider it.

Q1. Think two males ejaculate in a girl’s vagina on the similar time and he or she turns into pregnant. Which of the 2 may become the daddy of the kid?

Ans. I counsel you write to the editor and enquire if there’s a emptiness within the puzzle division of the newspaper.

Q2. I’m a 36-year-old unmarried guy. Six months in the past I had #intercourse with a housewife. Then, I made as many as 220 strokes within the 40 mins of our sex. As of late, I may handiest succeed in 180 in the similar time. Please answer. I’m frightened.

Ans. Do participate within the Commonplace-wealth video games since you look like an athlete. My recommendation is to benefit from the act and prevent counting. Do give a idea as to if you might be gratifying your spouse or no longer.

Q3. My buddy feels that her breasts are getting higher as a result of masturbation. Is that this imaginable?

Ans. No. Does she suppose the clitoris is an air pump?

This autumn. I’m a 21-year-old guy. Ultimate week, I used to be oscillating my penis whilst masturbating. I became it the other way up and sat on it. I heard snap however skilled no ache. Have I fractured my penis?

Ans. Why would you wish to have to do bhangra along with your penis? Pray you’ve gotten injured it. Don’t sit down on it once more.

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Q5. Two days in the past I had unprotected intercourse with my female friend. To forestall being pregnant, we purchased an i-pill. However within the warmth of the instant, I popped it as an alternative of her. Can it motive any headaches for me?

Ans. Subsequent time round, please use a condom and you should definitely don’t swallow that too. After all, you’ll have rushed to the chemist and were given some other one as it’s efficient inside of 72 hours of the act. The i-pill is supposed just for emergency scenarios and should no longer be used as a regimen circle of relatives making plans measure.

Q6. I’m a 25-year-old lady. After 4 months of marriage, we made up our minds to have a child, so we had unprotected intercourse within the afternoon. Simply two hours later, I had crew intercourse with 3 school pals – with out condoms. Now I’m perplexed. If I am getting pregnant, who’s the daddy of my child? I don’t need a child from somebody however my husband.

Ans. At a loss for words? Simply 4 months into marriage you’ve gotten an extra-marital binge. Make your individual wager.

Q7. What if I had intercourse after which sleep leaving my penis inside of my spouse’s vagina? 

Ans. What when you simply permit your drained penis to have its deserved relaxation? After all, the penis will slip out throughout your comfortable sleep.


Q8. If a person and girl masturbate on the similar time, fascinated about intercourse can it result in being pregnant?

Ans. There is not any angels to hold your sperms to the individual you might be dreaming about. Fable will give you enjoyment, however does not anything extra.

Q9. I’m a 22-year-old guy, very attractive and single. I don’t have any female friend. I’ve discovered a technique to fulfill my sexual want. I’ve been having oral and anal intercourse with my five-year-old puppy whinge since two months. I revel in it and either one of us are wholesome. Will this be an issue at some point? Must we proceed our sexual dating or no longer?

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Ans – Why question me? It could had been higher in case your whinge can have informed you her emotions. In a couple of years, while you imagine marrying a girl, will you evaluate the excitement? Bestiality is unlawful. So the solution is forestall. I feel your puppy will like that too.

Q10. How will a kid born from a mixture of semen samples of a black guy, white guy, an Indian and a Chinese language end up?

Ans. Sign up for a circus to determine.

Q11. I’m a 21-year-old virgin. Repeatedly I’ve attempted to provide a blowjob to myself however failed. Is there any method that I may prevail at it?

Ans. Sign up for a yoga elegance and discover ways to bend your frame to achieve the excitement spot.

Q12. I’ve a small penis and I will’t appear to fulfill my female friend. My astrologer has urged me to tug it on a daily basis for quarter-hour whilst reciting a shloka. I’ve been doing this for a month however it hasn’t helped. What will have to I do?

Ans. If he used to be proper, maximum males would have a penis hitting their knees.

Q13. My buddy had oral intercourse along with his female friend. He ejaculated on her neck, and the semen rolled down her breasts to her tummy and the entire technique to her lingerie. Can she get pregnant?

Ans – That’s moderately an extended adventure for the sperm to make. No she will’t.

Q14. I’ve heard that any roughly acidic substance can save you being pregnant. Can I pour some drops of lemon or orange juice in my female friend’s vagina after the sex? Will it hurt her?

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Ans. Are you a bhel puri seller? The place did you get this bizarre thought from? There are lots of different protected and simple strategies of beginning keep an eye on. You’ll be able to imagine the use of a condom.


Q15. I’ve heard {that a} lizard’s tail grows again when reduce. I used to be curious if the similar holds true for my penis?

Ans. I might no longer advise you to try such an experiment. Your penis isn’t a tail, and I’m moderately certain that there will likely be no volunteers in your analysis.

Q16. Is it imaginable for a lady to get pregnant, if she used to be bare however her spouse used to be clothed, and he or she took an emergency contraceptive tablet 4 hours later? His pants had been rainy.

Ans – The sperm isn’t batman that it will probably whiz in the course of the barrier of the lingerie and pants. I counsel you bring to mind the long run subsequent time. All the time be ready with a condom.

Q17. I’m an single 38-year-old guy. On every occasion I am getting a just right erection, I ejaculate to a distance of 4 meters. Why does this occur?

Ans. The extra the joy, the extra the gap. Are you masturbating with a tape size or making an attempt for the Limca guide of data.

Q18. I’ve a unusual doubt. If I smear a male canine’s semen on my penis earlier than having intercourse with a girl, what sort of child will likely be born? Will it’s human or a dog-human combine breed? Please carify.

Ans. First, take a look at if the canine will oblige. Secondly, take a look at protecting directly to the semen on you penis. And even supposing the newborn born is a human, it’ll pass bow-wow.

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