Tips for cleaning your makeup corner

As a woman you obviously have a lot of creams, powders and other stuff to

As a woman you obviously have a lot of creams, powders and other stuff to make sure that you look good every day. By the intensive use of this corner full of apothecary jars and tuves, there is a big chance that it will soon look sloppy. Both for hygiene and looks, it is important to tidy this corner every now and then. The drawers are often full of a lot of different makeup, but there may be some that can go or it can be stored in a different way. You can for example go to a wholesale glass dropper bottles and fill those bottles with your products. With the following tips you can easily keep your makeup corner clean and tidy.

Check the expiration date of the products

On all cosmetic products it says how long you can keep them open. You’ve probably seen one of those little pictures of a jar with a number on it, usually somewhere near the list of ingredients. You might think it’s okay, but those dates are on the products for a reason. And no, it’s not “to sell more. Not only does the quality of the product deteriorate tremendously over time (think dried out nail polish and oxidizing foundation), but after a few months your favorite mascara turns into a breeding ground for bacteria. Not something you want anywhere near your eyes, right? Mascara, for example, only lasts 6 months, while foundation can be stored and used for up to a year. Lipstick can even be left in your cupboard for up to two years.

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Store your make-up in a suitable place

Makeup and brushes should be kept in boxes, drawers or brushes rather than out in the open on your bathroom shelf for hygiene reasons. Make sure that you do not store your makeup sponges in closed, damp places; that is asking for sweltering bacteria. And those bacteria lead in the ‘best’ case to skin problems, and in the worst case to infections.

Make sure you wash your makeup tools on time

How often do you wash your beauty tools? Probably not often enough. We can hardly blame you, because it’s just not a very exciting chore. However, makeup artists really recommend washing your brushes at least once a week. And when it comes to sponges, the experts are even stricter: in fact, you should put your makeup sponge through a soapy wash after every use.